Upcoming Workshop: Montana Wildlife Animal Shoot

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Montana Wildlife Animal Shoot
February 22nd - 27th 2018

Do you love photographing wildlife, but often find it frustrating because you don’t have the time and/or money required to find them in the wild? Do you also find zoo animals hard to photograph because of all the fences and unnatural surroundings? Having traveled the world to many exotic locations: It's expensive and often the wildlife opportunities can be very unreliable. The solution is to join us on a workshop to a respected game farm where well cared for animals are photographed in very natural surroundings with relatively short lenses. For our photography sessions with all the wildlife species, the most commonly used lens is a 70-200.
Join expert photographer Jerome Hamilton for an outstanding opportunity to learn and work with one of the best photographers/instructors around. This workshop is scheduled to take advantage of cool winter temperatures when the animals thick fur coats are at their prime and the snow makes a perfect backdrop.
Wildlife species may include, Siberian Tiger, Mountain Lion, Coyote, Artic Foxes, Snow Leopard, Wolves, Siberian Lynx, Red Foxes and much more.
Jerome is well known for his photographic expertise and his ability to teach and explain techniques in simple everyday language everyone understands.

The Workshop Includes:
The perfect opportunity to photograph rare and seldom seen wildlife in natural environments on the Triple D grounds and various location in beautiful state of Montana.
You will enjoy a minimum of 8 photo sessions during our three-day workshop. These sessions typically last from an hour to an hour and a half.
Instruction on how to set up your camera to work the way you want, proper techniques for wildlife shooting, discussion of composition, depth of field, and more!
Critiques of your work in the relaxed atmosphere of our conveniently located hotel
Triple D's excellent professional trainers and wildlife handlers
Shawn Weishaar from Canon USA will be onsite with limited equipment loaners from CPS and additional sponsorship from Bozeman Camera & Repair.
Group size is limited to (10) for plenty of personal one on one interaction with Jerome and the wildlife.

Not Included:
Transportation to Kalispell, MT, Meals, Lodging and Gratuities.
Suggested lodging: SpringHill Suites Kalispell, 250 Old Reserve Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901
All classroom sessions will be held at this hotel conveniently located two miles from Triple D Game Farm.
Optional Photo Sessions on February 1.
Optional Horse Shoot
Optional Birds of Prey Shoot
Tips for Triple D trainers and
Optional Horse Shoot
This is an opportunity to photograph horse portraits with and without riders in snowy outdoor setting. There should be opportunities with horses in a single formation and in a herd…round up style. We will have wranglers that will group the horses together and run the horses through the snow! Working with the horses safely the wranglers will have them run towards the photographers and across the front of the photographers for the best possible images you could image!

Optional Birds of Prey Shoot
A unique opportunity to create stunning photographs of magnificent Birds of Prey under controlled conditions. You can expect to photograph a variety of raptors. It is not always possible to determine what birds will be available until the time of the shoot. Past shoots have included a variety of birds including: American Kestrel Falcons, Barn Owls, Northern Barred Owls, Great Gray Owls, Great Horned Owls, Saw Whet Owls, Pygmy Owls and Short-eared Owls.

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