Cancun Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost $3,200 dollars to attend Cancun Workshop?
The cost of this workshop is very minor compared to what it would cost to:
1. hire 4 – 5 models for 4 days
2. hire a make-up artist & maybe hair stylist for 4 days
3. hire an assistant to help with everything for 4 days
4. buy airfare for up to 10 people
5. pay for hotel rooms for 5 nights for all of those people
6. feed everyone 3 meals a day plus snacks and drinks
7. hire a boat to drive you to a remote island
8. hire a shuttle bus or van to drive you to a location or two
9. have 1 – 2 professional photographers work hands-on with you for 4 days
10. rent or buy additional camera, lighting, and other photographic equipment

What is covered in the price of the Cancun Workshop?
The price of this workshop covers more than any other workshop out there:
1. hotel
2. food & drinks at the hotel – some exceptions may apply
3. airfare – from a major US city – please ask about your departure location
4. all model fees
5. all make-up fees
6. boat travel fees to and from a shooting location
7. any taxi fees to and from a shooting location
8. shuttle or van fees & travel to and from 1 – 2 shooting locations
9. a self-promotional model release
10. transfers between the airport & hotel

What will the photographer to model ratio be?
We try to keep around a1:1 to a 3:2 photographer/model ratio...although we have been known to go the other way with a 1:2 ratio in 2006 and 2008

Will the models be doing figure/nude work?
This is not a nude workshop and should not be perceived as one. We do however work
with lighting the artistic and the glamour nude. Many of the models we have booked will
be available to do this type of work at our scheduled times. However, each model may have her own restrictions and/or limitations for posing nude and all of the photographers must respect these requirements.

Am I expected to give prints or a CD/DVD to the models?
You are not expected to give anything to the models, but the models will be working hard and this is a great way to show your appreciation. Additionally, the models might be apt to place a few of your great images in their profiles therefore promoting you and your ability to be a great photographer.

What kind of model release do I get?
Every photographer will get a signed self-promotional model release from each model in the Cancun Workshop.

What can I use the photos for?
You will be able to use the images for self-promotion, which is basically to promote your self as a photographer...printed portfolio, web portfolio, and prints on the wall of your photography office, etc. If you want to re-sell or use images on a pay site, you would need to work that out with each model individually.

Can I get an unlimited release?
Everyone is welcome to work out unlimited releases with each model. I urge you to be prepared to pay the model an extra amount for extra use of her likeness.

Are beginners welcome at the Cancun Workshop?
Yes, the Cancun Workshop is a great place to learn about beginning glamour & fashion photography. Learn how to use your camera better. Learn how to see light. Every year this workshop incorporates other great photography names to help the teaching and learning process and assist you in getting the best possible images from this event.

If I’m advanced do I have to wait for beginners to shoot?
No. All of the shooting is structured so that beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers can work at their own pace without holding anyone else up. Everyone will have the same ability to work with all of the models at the workshop, and each photographer has the ability to work with or without the help of the mentors.

Will I need to rent a car?
You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. Cancun Workshop will provide all transportation to all locations. You will also be dropped off at the airport for your departure. You will need to get your own taxi or what-not if you plan to leave the hotel unattended or away from the group.

What equipment do I need to bring?
You need to bring your Camera equipment and lenses, flash cards or whatever media
storage your camera accepts and a storage device – like laptop, or memory drive. If you
have off camera flashes you should bring those as well. If you plan on attending the Photoshop classes you will want your laptop for that as well.

Will I need to bring lighting equipment?
No. But you are welcome too!! You will be learning a few different lighting methods mostly working outside, but there will also be some indoor locations. At all locations you will be working with available light and artificial light. Cancun Workshop will be providing reflectors, portable strobes, and ring-flash at different locations when available – all lighting products and modifiers sponsored by, FJ Westcott.

What Does “Model Confirmation” mean?
Model Confirmation means that this particular model has met the Cancun Workshop requirements, and filled out a Model Agreement stating the she will be at the Cancun Workshop on the stated dates and participate as instructed for the event.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Jerome at